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Faith, Hope & Pastries LLC was established in 2022 during the midst of Covid. What began as a hobby has now expanded to a thriving small business, with aspirations for a sit-down cafe in the future. All of our products are made with care, love, and quality ingredients that we are proud to provide (and happily consume as well). We hope you enjoy every single bite of the cookies and baked goods you find here.

From the head baker:

"I grew up in my church in Pasadena, where they developed my love for cooking--and not only the skills of cooking, but the thought that goes into preparing meals for other people. Is someone struggling? Perhaps something hearty. Is someone sick? Maybe something light and easy on the stomach. Is someone happy? Let's make a cake and celebrate!


It's a beautiful thing when love and baking come together. If there is anyone in your life needing a kind word or thought, I hope you will use these baked goods to sustain them with love."

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